Sentencing of a sex offender March 8, 2016

Jonathan Amell was sentenced today for his second Sexual Assault on a Child (13 year old girl). Washington County Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Daniel Cavanaugh tried Amell before a jury who found him Guilty.

During the pendency of this case before trial Amell was also charged twice with violations of conditions of his release for being in the presence of minor girls. Since Defendant’s Guilty verdict he was arrested for shooting a young lady with a BB gun, using marijuana and possessing Heroin. The Court remanded the defendant to jail in October 2015. When in jail, Amell received approximately 15 disciplinary reports including the heroin possession and using vulgar language against female jail staff.

Cavanaugh asked for a prison sentence of 10 – 20 years.

The Judge sentenced Amell to probation and nine months in jail but defendant will receive credit for time served and depending on jail calculations, should be released soon.

Defendant was also sentenced for sex offender probation violations for his first sex offense against a child. Defendant admitted to violating terms of his probation for having contact (alleged to have had sex with a 16 year old after providing marijuana) using marijuana and possessing Heroin but was sentenced to no additional time. The State sought consecutive prison time.

The court cited defendant’s childhood, mental health diagnosis and amenability to community based treatment as reasons not to sentence the defendant to an incarcerating sentence.

Check back for an article on victim’s rights and the philosophy of rehabilitative focused sentencing.


About danielmichaelcavanaugh

Chief Deputy and Special Victims prosecutor with the Washington County State's Attorney's office. Coordinating efforts with local law-enforcement through training and collaboration. Involved with the training of junior deputies. Substantial trial litigation with special victim cases. Working with local partners to provide better processes for child victims and victims of domestic violence. Drug Treatment Court representative.
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